Solving Puzzles While Drinking Tea

Have you ever tried to solve a puzzle game while drinking tea? If not, here are some simple guidelines that will help you understand the concept of solving puzzles in your own leisure time.

An easy puzzle is one that involves a series of cuts, motions and results that makes the process easier and faster. For example, a puzzle could be about a step by step solution to a door knob, without looking at the picture. The answer of the puzzle is easily solved by a slight adjustment in the direction of the cut, but it takes some practice. The difficulty starts increasing with the number of steps needed to get the right answer. And the finish comes with few steps left to turn the knob.

There are many popular ones out there. A simple puzzle that everyone can enjoy is solving the Clue puzzle game, which requires the player to find clues and the answer hidden inside the murder scene. A more complex problem could be a tile puzzle where players have to find a way to connect several rows and columns without using tiles.

Sometimes the actual puzzle is a combination of several rules. In a board game, for example, players have to reach to the next level without the ball falling. To do this, they have to start with the first level and complete all the levels before going to the next level.

Game can be something as simple as putting three letters on the board or as complex as finding the best strategy in an alternate reality game. A good example of a game where the combination of rules is very complex is the Monopoly game. It has many rules that have to be remembered. The most important thing is to think and strategize.


Another popular puzzle game is called Candy Crush Saga. This is a puzzle game where you have to use the power of the internet to get the maximum points through the daily level that you have to meet before the end of the game.

You can also play with a classic strategy game called Apples to Apples. This game has been available in arcades for decades and has been adapted to mobile phones. To complete the challenge, you have to find the optimal strategy from the different choices available.

As you can see, there are many different games that you can choose from to solve your daily problems. You might want to try to solve puzzles while drinking tea.

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